It must be overwhelming and stressful to do all the work by yourself.

Let me help you.

If you’re struggling with 


  • communicating the value of your online course
  • setting up a course sales funnel
  • attracting your ideal students
  • exciting them to enroll, or
  • offering them your high-ticket services

we should talk. 

I’ve been where you are now. When I worked as an online dating coach, I developed an effective system for finding dates in Facebook groups. I created a course about it and…


… nothing!


Even though I was a co-admin of one of the largest dating groups I’ve ever seen on Facebook (seriously, the group was huge and grew at lightning speed, it was ridiculous!), nobody bought my course.

So, I started to study copywriting, lead generation, email marketing, and building sales funnels. Eventually, I changed my career path.


Now I’m here to teach you how to sell your online course on autopilot, so you can focus on what you love to do the most – helping your clients change their lives.