Email marketing best practices

Email marketing best practices

Email marketing can be done the right or the wrong way. To make the most of it, follow these email marketing best practices.



Build your own email list.

Buying an email list and sending unsolicited emails is illegal in many jurisdictions around the world. Plus, it can hurt your deliverability and email sender reputation.



Segment your email list.

By segmenting your list, you separate your subscribers into smaller groups that have something in common (for example, age, purchase history, location, etc.). It allows you to send more relevant targeted emails to your sub-lists.



Keep your email list healthy.

Regularly clean out inactive subscribers and email addresses that are no longer in use. It will help with your email deliverability.



Keep your email list warm.

Send emails to your list regularly and often to keep your subscribers engaged. That way, they won’t forget who you are. Don’t bore them with the same type of emails, though. Mix up your messages.



Personalise your messages.

Personalisation helps make a customer feel valued and understood. You can do this by using the subscriber’s first name in the subject line and content.




Focus on one objective.

Having too many objectives in an email only confuses your customers. Remember, confused minds don’t buy.



Optimise for mobile.

In 2020, 81% of all emails were opened and read on mobile devices. (SuperOffice) If your emails are not optimised for mobile, they don’t get read. If they don’t get read, you don’t get sales.



Use email automation.

Set up automated emails or email sequences that are triggered by a specific action (for example, when subscribers sign in to your newsletter, they automatically receive a welcome email). Email automation saves you time and drives more sales.



Use A/B testing.

If your email list is big enough (more than 10,000 subscribers), A/B testing is a must. It helps you optimise your campaign and achieve better results. You can A/B test subject lines, text-based vs image-heavy emails, calls-to-action, personalisation, visuals, copy, etc. 


Email marketing is more than just sending an email now and then. By following these best practices, you ensure the success of your email marketing campaign. 

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