Email marketing specialist

Why should you hire an email marketing specialist?

Do you need an email marketing specialist? If you’re serious about your email marketing, then the answer is yes. Read on to find out why.




Many small businesses, especially local ones, are not using email marketing. They’re leaving money on the table, as email has many benefits that can impact their company’s bottom line. 


Those who do use it fall into two groups. In the first group are those who think they can do it themselves (because, you know, “you just write an email now and then”).


Those in the second group understand its complexities and seek the help of an email marketing professional.



3 reasons to hire an email marketing specialist

Whether an in-house hire, a freelancer or a specialised agency, here are the three key reasons to hire an email marketing specialist.



The pace of innovation

Marketing technologies and social media platforms innovate at a rapid speed. What you know today is obsolete tomorrow. 


As a business owner, you’re a CFO, CMO, content creator, social media manager, video editor, website builder, SEO specialist, copywriter, project manager, customer service officer, brand strategist, sales team, graphic designer and more. It’s hard to follow all the latest developments and best practices


Even if you’re a marketing professional, the sheer volume of changes, information, and skills you should master is overwhelming. 


Email marketing specialists, on the other hand, specialise in email marketing. They have the skills needed in email marketing, and they’re honing them every day. They follow the latest developments. They’re on top of the latest email marketing best practices.



The skillset

Email marketing is not just writing an email and sending it to your list. It’s much, much more!


What will you write so that your email will get delivered? Opened? Clicked? How will you design emails? How will you design and create automated flows/sequences? How will you analyse the campaign’s data? How will you optimise your results? How will you keep your email list healthy? How will you segment it? 


Email marketing specialists have these skills, and they know how to use them.


Consumer use of digital channels

One thing is clear in the post-pandemic world – consumers are using digital channels more and more. And it doesn’t look like they’ll switch to traditional channels any time soon. 


Smart businesses, including local ones, are preparing for the new reality. They’re strengthening their presence in the digital space, investing in it, and testing and improving their results.




Email marketing should be at the centre of your marketing efforts because: 

  • it is one of the most cost-effective methods,
  • produces one of the highest returns on investment (ROI), and
  • has higher average conversion rates than other marketing channels (The Ultimate List of Email Marketing Stats by Hubspot).


If you want to get started with email marketing or take it to the next level, schedule a free discovery call with me now.

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